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12 August 2024

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13 August 2024

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MSc Research Methodologies

26 August 2024

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Solar Photovoltaic Systems

16 September 2024

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Wind Energy

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7 June 2023


6 July 2023


The aim of the workshop is to discuss the current configuration of electricity subsidies in Lesotho and to make recommendations on how best to address this issue for the benefit of the poor and to facilitate clean energy access since the issue of electricity subsidies (grants, etc.) is crucial to the increase of electrification rate, effective electricity usage, affordability and sustainability of electricity supply in Lesotho.

5 June 2023


4 July 2023


Joint development of student projects and implementation of joint research areas in the field of sustainability and energy management in Austria and Lesotho.

1 January 2023




State of the art sustainable energy training facilities; Provision of high quality experiential and hands-on learning skills; Increased quantity and quality of research projects; Increased international, national and regional partnerships to enhance both local and foreign student & staff mobility; Regional and international accreditation of the currently nationally fully accredited MSc in Sustainable Energy programme.

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Dr. Bret Strogen

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Mr. Kevin Minkoff

Dr. Bret Strogen

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Mr. Kevin Minkoff


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The MSc in Sustainable Energy of the National University of Lesotho (NUL)’s Energy Research Centre (ERC) is only two years old and had its
Professor Molibel Taele and Professor Himanshu Narayan (Department of Physics and Electronics, National University of Lesotho) and , L. Mokhutšoane, Electrification Unit, Department of
It was a highly competitive international funding in which more than 500 organisations worldwide battled for the lucrative funding provided by Innovate UK in


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