MSc in Sustainable Energy

It provides high–calibre training, placing a strong emphasis on Sustainable Energy systems with due consideration of technical, environmental and socio economic issues.


ERC carries out all-inclusive low-carbon research work (solar, wind, hydro, bioenergy, etc.), social engineering (energy policy, economics, finance & project management, climate change & environment, etc.), capacity building (training) and outreach programmes.

Short Courses

Short courses are ideal to people who are only interested in certain modules but not the full MSc programme. In particular, it's meant for executives who just need a feel of a certain subject area.

Tailor Made Training

The Centre provides tailor made training upon request from individual organizations, locally and internationally.


The Centre offers professional and quality consultancy services across the broad spectrum of sustainable energy.

Community Outreach

ERC, in consultation with communities, carries out sustainable development projects including Clean Energy & Energy Access Awareness Campaigns.