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SE 6315

Compulsory for MSc:



M 4000.00

Energy Entrepreneurship

The students will be able to identify business opportunities in the sustainable energy sector, come up with potential business solutions and develop business plans. They will also network with entrepreneurs, development partners and government officials (pitching, funding opportunities, applicable regulations, etc.



Course Starts:


Major Assignment Deadline:


Major Assignment Deadline:


Outcomes | Hard(H) And Soft(S) Skills

  • H# 1: Identify entrepreneurial constraints in the energy sector (Entrepreneurship, Energy Access, Gender and Socio-Economic Dynamics)
  • H# 2: Analyse business opportunities in the sustainable energy sector (Data Analysis, Entrepreneuship, Socio-Economic Dynamics)
  • H# 3: Formulate potential solutions in the sustainable energy sector (Energy Access, Problem Solving, Creativity, Sustainable Energy Development
  • H# 4: Develop a viable business plan based on the formulated opportunities (Project Financing, Socio-Economic Dynamics)
  • S# 1: Undertake independent study (Life-long Learning)
  • S# 2: Identify business solutions that address energy access problems / challenges for communities (Energy Access, Problem Solving, Creativity)
  • S# 3: Work together in small groups (Teamwork)
  • S# 4: Access learning material online (Digital Literacy)
  • H# 5: Interact with entrepreneurs, development partners, government officials, etc. (Communication, Networking, Professionalism)