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SE 6302

Compulsory for MSc:



M 4000.00

Solar Thermal Systems

Students will be able to design solar thermal systems for different applications for domestic and/or commercial solar water heating, solar cooking, process heating and solar thermal power production.



Course Starts:


Major Assignment Deadline:


Major Assignment Deadline:


Outcomes | Hard(H) And Soft(S) Skills

  • H# 1: Design solar thermal systems (System Design, Renewable Energy Principles, Creativity, Energy Access, Problem Solving)
  • H# 2: Dimension optimal solar thermal systems with respect to energy demand and economic considerations (System Design, Data Analysis, and Economic Dynamics)
  • H# 3: Analyze energy flow and control issues in solar thermal systems for optimized energy production and storage (Modelling, Problem Solving, Renewable Energy Principles)
  • H# 4: Model solar thermal systems using custom made or commercial software modelling to size solar thermal systems (Modelling)
  • H# 5: Carry out experimental investigations of solar thermal systems (Modelling)
  • H# 6: Analyse performance of the solar thermal collectors.
  • H# 7: Analyse socio-economic and environmental impact of solar thermal projects to promote societal acceptance (Socio-Economic Dynamics, Problem Solving, Energy Access)
  • S# 1: Review literature on solar thermal systems (Life-long Learning)
  • S# 2: Present the design layouts for solar thermal systems to student peers and lectures (Communication)
  • S# 3: Use appropriate solar thermal technology to solve societal thermal needs. (Problem Solving, Energy Access, Creativity, Gender and Socio-Economic Dynamics)
  • S# 4: Team-up with fellow students to design solar thermal systems – household / commercial / industrial (Teamwork)
  • S# 5: Retrieve literature on solar thermal systems online (Digital Literacy)
  • S# 6: Write a technical report on solar thermal system design (Writing Skills)