Mr Kevin Minkoff


Kevin Minkoff graduated from the French National Institute of Applied Sciences (INSA) with a Masters in Physics. He joined the South African based renewable energy start-up InnoWind in 2009 to develop wind projects in the region. In 2011 the company was acquired by the French global renewables leader EDF Energies Nouvelles and subsequently won 4 projects (~140 MW) under the South African RE procurement programme. Kevin Minkoff was appointed construction project manager for the company’s first wind project on the continent (60 MW - ~USD 100 million investment) in 2013. He later started up the company’s asset management department, and currently heads its business development division.


Wind Energy Technical
Student will be able to assess wind resource potential, select appropriate site, design wind farms and analyze their associated socio-economic and environmental impact.
Sep 19, 2022 - Sep 23, 2022 | 2 months ago