Energy Economics and Project Finance

Compulsary For MSc YES

In order to implement scientific technical energy projects, mastery of the technical subject matter is not enough. Project developers need knowledge and skills of economics and finance of the planned projects regardless of the project size especially if financial investors and loans from financial institutions are needed. This course enables participants to understand the parameters that influence the financial aspects and project design of renewable energy initiatives. The participants will get to be familiar with a range of financial structuring tools needed to attract investors to ensure the financial viability of renewable energy projects. The course therefore aims to empower professionals to incorporate appropriate financing into their decision-making pertaining to renewable energy projects. It is strongly recommended that students should have experience of Excel. The course will be most relevant to professionals at managerial or technical level in the electricity, investment, insurance, environmental and public sectors.


  1. Evaluate and implement appropriate financing mechanisms into decision-making pertaining to energy projects
  2. Select and apply economic and financial structuring tools needed to ensure the financial viability of energy projects.
  3. Analyze Risk Management, Futures Markets and Derivatives
  4. Assess the nature of sustainable energy solutions and the financing thereof
  5. Analyse the impact and applicability of various financial instruments in specific projects
  6. Calculate and apply financial parameters to a project including: LCOE, NPV, IRR and DSCR
  7. Critically assess the economic and financial impact of scale, technology and other factors
  8. Assess the factors that may influence the project financial parameters such as: NPV, IRR and DSCR.
  9. Critically assess the advantages, role-players and risks associated with the typical project financing structure
  10. Evaluate a project and advise on how to improve bankability, including issues of financial structuring
  11. Critically assess risk, return and performance of renewable energy and energy efficiency projects