Energy Planning and Policy

Compulsary For MSc YES

Due to population growth and economic development, an integrated approach to energy planning and policy is required to consider both the provision of energy supplies and the role of energy policy in providing an enabling environment. This course introduces candidates to fundamentals of energy planning and energy management, looking into issues of growing energy demands, short-term and long-term energy forecasts, the possible technology and resource options for electricity supply, together with various technical and policy constraints. It exposes participants to the fundamental policy factors that drive energy markets, the causes of market failures, and how government interaction through policy instruments can mitigate those failures.


  1. Construct or formulate institutional arrangements for energy policy, regulation and service provision
  2. Review, implement and evaluate sector policy documents for promotion of renewable energy
  3. Manage energy regulatory systems for effective and sustainable power market (supply and utilization)
  4. Apply tariff setting methodologies for assessment of efficient costs, cost of capital and incentive schemes