Energy Planning and Policy

Compulsary For MSc YES

Students will be able to plan and manage issues of growing energy demands, forecasts, technologies and resource options for energy supply. They will also assess policy instruments that drive energy markets and mitigate  market failures. 

Exit Level Outcomes: Hard (H) & Soft (S) Skills

  1. H# 1: Construct institutional arrangements for energy policy, regulation and service provision (Energy Planning)
  2. H# 2: Model current and future energy or electricity demand / consumption patterns (Modelling and Forecasting, Energy Access)
  3. H# 3: Assess socio-economic comparisons of energy supply options using different conversion technologies (Data Analysis, Energy Access, Gender and Socio-economic Dynamics)
  4. H# 4: Undertake energy audits to develop energy management system (Data Analysis, Energy Planning, Problem Solving, Creativity, Sustainable Energy Development)
  5. H# 5: Review sector policy documents for promotion of sustainable energy (Energy Planning, Energy Access, Sustainable Energy Development)
  6. H# 6: Appraise energy policy for effective and sustainable energy/power market (Data Analysis)
  7. S# 1: Access learning material online (Digital Literacy)
  8. S# 2: Undertake independent study (Life-long Learning)
  9. S# 3: Communicate the energy / electricity modelling, forecasting, policy and regulatory assessment results (Communication)
  10. S# 4: Work together in small groups (Teamwork)
  11. S# 5: Formulate an enabling policy and regulatory environment for sustainable energy adoption (Problem Solving, Creativity, Sustainable Energy Development)
  12. S# 6: Produce a technical report (Writing Skills)


5 months from now
07 Oct 2024
11 Oct 2024

Energy Planning and Policy

Reading Material Availability: Jul 10, 2024 | 2 months from now
Major Deadlines: Sun, 07 Oct 2024; Resubmission* Sun, 10 Nov 2024