Wind Energy

Compulsary For MSc YES

Student will be able to assess wind resource potential, select appropriate site, design wind farms and analyze their associated socio-economic and environmental impact.

Exit Level Outcomes: Hard (H) & Soft (S) Skills

  1. H# 1: Analyze wind resource statistics (Data Analysis, Modelling and Forecasting, Renewable Energy Principles)
  2. H# 2: Simulate wind turbine operation (Renewable Energy Principles)
  3. H# 3: Design wind farms using analysed wind resource statistics (Modelling, System Design, Energy Access, Creativity)
  4. H# 4: Analyse socio-economic and environmental impact of wind farm projects to promote societal acceptance (Gender and Socio-Economic Dynamics, Problem Solving, Energy Access)
  5. S# 1: Undertake independent study (Life-long Learning)
  6. S# 2: Communicate the design layouts for wind farms and their impacts (Communication)
  7. S# 3: Provide solution for energy access challenges using wind (Energy Access, Problem Solving, Grid and Off-grid Systems, Creativity)
  8. S# 4: Work together in small groups (Teamwork)
  9. S# 5: Access learning material online (Digital Literacy)
  10. S# 6: Produce a technical report (Writing Skills)