One of the major hurdles in the Energy sector in Lesotho is access to information. All stakeholders bemoan this state of affairs perpetually. Below please find a searchable list of the documents produced by various energy stakeholders in the country. ERC aims to maintain a healthy and up-to-date list of all important documents. That can only be achieved provided people share the documents with us. For any crucial document that's not on the list below, please email it to and we'll do our best to make it available.

Title Institutions Year
Renewables 2020: Global Status Report REN21 2020 Download
Renewable Energy - Market Intelligence Report 2019 GreenCape 2019 Download
SE4ALL Regulatory Framework for Mini-grids DoE 2019 Download
Renewables 2019: Global Status Report REN21 2019 Download
Integrated ElectrificationPathways for Universal Access to Electricity SE4ALL 2019 Download
2017 Energy Report BoS 2019 Download
Lesotho's 4th National GHG Inventory: 2011-2017 LMS 2019 Download
Lesotho Poverty Assessment: Progress and Challenges in Reducing Poverty World Bank 2019 Download
Household Energy Consumption Survey BoS 2018 Download
Lesotho Electrification Master Plan: Off-Grid DoE 2018 Download
Lesotho Electrification Master Plan: Grid DoE 2018 Download
Africa-EU Renewable Energy Research & Innovation Symposium (RERIS 2018) Proceedings Springer 2018 Download
Minigrid Investment Report: Scaling The Nigerian Market The Nigerian Economic Summit Group 2018 Download
Opportunities and Challenges in the Mini-Grid Sector in Africa EEP 2018 Download
Lesotho Country Action Agenda DoE 2018 Download
Lesotho Investment Prospectus DoE 2018 Download
IEA Renewables 2018to2023 Analysis & Forecast IEA 2018 Download
Mini-grid Prefeasibility Report - Mokhotlong SE4ALL 2018 Download
Mini-grid Prefeasibility Report - Qacha's Nek SE4ALL 2018 Download
Mini-grid Prefeasibility Report - Thaba-Tseka SE4ALL 2018 Download
Cost of Service Study LEWA 2018 Download
Dispelling the Myths: Renewables in the Grid ISES 2018 Download
National Climate Change Policy LMS 2017 Download
Lesotho’s Nationally Determined Contribution [NDC] LMS 2017 Download
Strategic siting and regional grid interconnections key to low-carbon futures in African countries PNAS 2017 Download
Scaling up Renewable Energy for Low Income Countries (SREP) - Lesotho Investment Plan DoE 2017 Download
National Sustainable Energy Strategy DoE 2017 Download
SE4ALL Development of Cornerstone Public Policies and Institutional Capacities Project Document UNDP 2016 Download
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Strategy and Action Plan (REEESAP) 2016-2030 SADC 2016 Download
Censors 2016 Summary BoS 2016 Download
Lesotho Energy Policy 2015-2025 DoE 2015 Download
LREBRE Draft Terminal Evaluation Report UNDP 2015 Download
Regulatory Framework for the Development of Renewable Energy Resources in Lesotho LEWA 2015 Download
State of Renewable Energy in South Africa DoE_SA 2015 Download
Lesotho Grid code LEWA 2015 Download
Lesotho Energy Needs Assessment: Stakeholders Working in Silos NUL 2014 Download
Analysis of Infrastructure for Renewable Power in Eastern and Southern Africa IRENA 2014 Download
Microgrids for Rural Electrification United Nations Foundation 2014 Download
Lesotho Renewable Energy Policy (Draft) DoE 2013 Download
SE4ALL: Rapid Assessment & Gap Analysis UNDP 2012 Download
Lesotho Generation Masterplan (pre-feasibility study): Hydro LEC 2010 Download
Lesotho Generation Masterplan (pre-feasibility study): Wind LEC 2010 Download
Lesotho Generation Masterplan (pre-feasibility study): Solar LEC 2010 Download
Lesotho Generation Masterplan (pre-feasibility study): Economics LEC 2010 Download
Rural Electricity Quality of Service and Supply Standards LEWA 2008 Download
National Electrification Master Plan for Lesotho DoE 2007 Download
Lesotho Energy Access Strategy project: Household Energy Access Strategy GTZ 2007 Download
Lesotho Energy Access Strategy Project: Baseline Study Report GTZ 2007 Download
Access to Electricity Study DoE 2001 Download