Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Compulsary For MSc YES

Students will be able to design and assess small solar PV home systems for domestic applications, off-grid systems for village-wide mini-grids and larger utility-scale systems for grid-connection. 

Exit Level Outcomes: Hard (H) & Soft (S) Skills

  1. H# 1: Assess the potential of solar resource at identified sites for PV installations (Renewable Energy Principles, Data Analysis)
  2. H# 2: Model the instantaneous power output of the PV generator under arbitrary in-situ weather conditions (Modelling and Forecasting, Renewable Energy Principles)
  3. H# 3: Evaluate hybrid solar systems for specific application and geographic locations using computer simulation and optimization tools (Modelling)
  4. H# 4: Determine appropriate size of PV system components (PV modules, battery bank, inverters, charge controllers) for given load profiles (System Design, Grid and Off-Grid Systems)
  5. H# 5: Design appropriate code-compliant configurations for PV systems and equipment for installation (System Design, Grid and Off-grid Systems)
  6. H# 6: Analyze the performance and operating characteristics of an installed PV system and components (System Maintenance, Grid and Off-Grid Systems)
  7. H# 7: Analyse socio-economic and environmental impact of solar PV projects to promote societal acceptance (Gender and Socio-Economic Dynamics, Problem Solving, Energy Access)
  8. S# 1: Undertake independent study of solar PV systems (Life-long Learning)
  9. S# 2: Access solar PV systems learning material online (Digital Literacy)
  10. S# 3: Provide solutions for lighting and powering small devices' energy challenges for communities (Energy Access, Problem Solving, Off-Grid Systems, Gender and Socio-Economic Dynamics)
  11. S# 4: Determine the best PV system configuration for specific applications (Creativity)
  12. S# 5: Communicate the design layouts for solar PV systems stakeholders (e.g. Employer/client/Installer) (Communication)
  13. S# 6: Work together in small groups to design solar PV systems - domestic / mini-grid / utility-scale (Teamwork)
  14. S# 7: Produce a technical report on solar PV system design (Writing Skills)


4 months from now
26 Aug 2024
30 Aug 2024

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Reading Material Availability: Sep 15, 2024 | 4 months from now
Major Deadlines: Sun, 15 Sep 2024; Resubmission* Sun, 29 Sep 2024