Prof. Leboli Zak Thamae


Associate professor, administrator and certified director with broad knowledge of modelling and simulation of electronic / electrical engineering systems (CST MWS® – Antenna Designs, Radio Mobile – RF Propagation / Wireless Communication Networks, MATLAB – Digital Communications / Signal Processing, HOMER and RETScreen – Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems, MAED – Energy / Electricity  Demand, MESSAGE – Energy / Electricity Supply), supported by strong exposure in strategic leadership, corporate governance, policy, reform and regulation of infrastructure services (telecommunications, broadcasting and electricity) and university-industry cooperation in product / economic development. 

He was the Head of Department of Physics & Electronics from 2010 to 2016 where he oversaw the development of Sustainable Energy short courses at NUL and their subsequent upgrade to accredited M.Sc. in Sustainable Energy, and worked towards the establishment of the NUL Energy Research Centre. He served as a Board Member and Chairman of the electricity regulator, Lesotho Electricity and Water Authority (LEWA). He currently serves as the Postgraduate Coordinator for the Faculty of Science and Technology. 

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Introduction to Renewable Energy Technical
Owing to the growing imbalance between demand and supply of electricity in the region, coupled with challenges of climate change, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and other regional policies and frameworks promote the use of renewable energy ...
Energy Policy and Regulation Technical
Successful design of energy policy and provision of energy regulatory systems are fundamental factors that drive energy markets. This course introduces the global perspective of the design, implementation and assessment of energy policy, with sub ...
Energy Planning and Management Technical
Due to population growth and economic development, an integrated approach to energy planning and management is required to consider both the provision of energy supplies and the role of energy efficiency in reducing demands. This course introduces ...
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